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June 16, 2020 in Benefits, Employee Management

Out of the Box: Rethinking Employee Benefits

Gone are the days when job seekers were happy just to be hired. Today, companies want to set themselves apart from the crowd by offering a smorgasbord of employment benefits and letting workers choose their own selections.

And not all benefits are as seemingly frivolous as free granola bars and Foosball. There’s a company that’s offering parents help with autistic children. Suppose your company is located in a rather remote place and so are your employees. Having a way to get help for their autistic children in such a setting is worth a great deal to these parents.

In this vein, just having access to a doctor in the office is a benefit, as are onsite medical centers or telemedicine services that let employees consult long-distance with doctors and nurses. Also becoming popular are onsite fitness centers. Clearly, this is more than just having a web-based benefits administration solution.

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How about a geriatric care manager? Or a free consultation with a geriatric care manager, plus help with coordinating services, support for respite care and flexible time off?

Unusual Employee Benefits Ideas for Your Company

Below are some especially unusual benefits. Of course, no company offers all of these, and only a few may be practical for your company. The idea is to get you thinking about what you can do to stand out:

  1. Unlimited vacation days.
  2. Surfing permitted during the workday.
  3. Bi-monthly massages.
  4. VIP treatment at sporting events.
  5. A personal assistant.
  6. Pet insurance.
  7. Free mechanical bull rides at the bar across the street.
  8. Free season passes to a local ski resort.
  9. All the snacks you can carry.
  10. Discounts on homeowners and auto insurance.
  11. Free lunch daily.
  12. Fridge stocked with snacks.
  13. Housing provided.
  14. Two hours of free housecleaning services a month.
  15. Bring your dog to work.
  16. Free gym membership.
  17. Table tennis and other games in the office.
  18. Green rewards (for solar panels, for example).
  19. On-site kindergarten.
  20. Dog walking.
  21. Car incentives or alternative transportation options.
  22. Concierge and laundry service.

Think about what your employees might like, and consider adding some additional benefits to your list to attract new employees (as a part of writing a great job ad) and retain the ones you have.

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