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Comprehensive, sophisticated, and highly scalable, the Excelforce benefits management platform engages your entire workforce while helping you meet your changing benefits needs. Overcome your day-to-day benefits challenges and reduce administration costs via a human capital management platform that supports the employee lifecycle—from hire to retire.

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Here at Excelforce, we specialize in serving evolving companies. Our scalable technology is designed to grow with you.

Our benefits system will tackle your most pressing concerns, including open enrollment. From one HR/payroll platform, you can access solutions that let you secure the right benefits for your employees while meeting your compliance goals. You can expect lower benefits administration costs, reduced enrollment times, and increased employee satisfaction. You will have access to our benefits experts, who are proficient in all things benefits-related and are ready to guide you from start to finish.
Benefits management is a far-reaching endeavor with countless implications, from both a company and regulatory perspective. Open enrollment in particular can be a legal minefield, fraught with risk and penalties stemming from non-compliance. Excelforce can help you avoid the legal exposure and confusion that often accompany open enrollment. Our benefits management system enables you to get answers to frequently asked questions, such as:


  • Which benefit plans make the most sense for my  business and employees?
  • Which insurance carriers should I choose?
  • How much time should my HR staff devote to benefits administration, including benefits enrollment?
  • Which regulations must I stay abreast of to avoid non-compliance?
  • What is the most economical way to handle workers’ compensation?
  • How will my benefits offerings impact HR, payroll, and finance?
  • How can I simplify complex benefits processes, such as COBRA and the ACA?
  • Who can I turn to for help?

Some of Our Carriers

United Healthcare
Blue Cross Blue Shield
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Choose Plan
Excelforce works with many leading benefits carriers, including MetLife, Humana, and Blue Cross. Our goal is to pair you with the carrier that will deliver the greatest value to your employees while remaining an affordable option for you and your staff. Rest assured, our recommendations are rooted in decades of research and experience.
Setup Plan
We handle the entire setup process with your selected carriers, putting all the puzzle pieces in their rightful places. Each plan, whether pretax or post-tax, is implemented according to your company policies and applicable federal and state requirements. We are well-versed in all areas of employee benefits; no plan is too complicated to implement and maintain.
Add Plan
to Payroll Platform
Our all-in-one platform automatically transmits benefits data to the payroll module. From one centralized database, your HR and payroll staff can access the necessary information. This data needs to be entered only once into the system—saving time, reducing data entry errors, and improving regulatory compliance.
The system gives you complete control over the creation, collection, and protection of employees’ benefits information. Employees can easily enroll in your benefits programs and manage their benefits from one convenient portal. Managers and supervisors can generate customized benefits reports and analyze usage patterns at a glance.
Benefits Approval
Our benefits solutions streamline your internal leave request processes. It allows managers to quickly review and approve benefits elections, accurately oversee leave cases to reduce litigation and employee complaints, and supervise benefits vendors—all from within the same system.

Our unified platform provides full visibility into benefits deductions for such items as health insurance, retirement plans, wellness programs, life insurance, dependent care assistance, adoption assistance, as well as parking and transit. The system automatically calculates pretax and post-tax benefits deductions, improving paycheck and W-2 accuracy.
Carrier Reporting
Through our carrier connectivity feature, you can swiftly and precisely deliver benefits and enrollment data—including health insurance data—to the respective carriers. This automated communication eliminates manual processing, allowing you more time to focus on meeting your core business needs and revenue goals.

Want to Learn More?

Download Our Benefits Solution Guide.

Looking to simplify your entire benefits process while ensuring accuracy? Our benefits solution, a module in an integrated, cloud-based human capital management (HCM) suite, streamlines benefits enrollment and management so you don't have to worry!

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Employee Benefits Solution Guide

Benefits Experts


Our benefits experts have a profound understanding of the employee benefits landscape, including applicable regulations—such as ERISA, HIPAA, IRC, FMLA, COBRA, and EEOC. They are happy to share their knowledge and provide the guidance you need to remain compliant. They are ready to put their years of experience to use by helping you choose the ideal plans for you and your employees.

Managing HR & Your Business Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

We’re happy to answer your questions and see how we can help. Contact us to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation call.


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Why Clients Love Our Benefits Solutions

“With Excelforce we know our customer support staff are connected to our benefit managers, and feel like they are familiar with our business issues. Plus they respond quickly to any issue. We know that when we have new benefit needs, Excelforce will not hold us back in reaching our goals.”


Clean-tex/SC & BP

“Paperless enrollment, automatic carrier reporting, open enrollment support, benefit plans that drive deductions into payroll - Excelforce helped us to simplify benefit management for our company. Managing multiple locations in different states made the benefit enrollment process long and painful, however now our Benefit Admin can pull any of the related information in two clicks.”



“When we were in need of a new benefit package, Excelforce offered the best solution for us. The full integration with Excelforce changed my life during a usually stressful time of year during open enrollment. Our employees were enrolled in no time and without any issues. I recommend them to anyone that is interested in reducing the stress and cost of benefit administration.”

Committed Home Care

“We love working with Excelforce as they guide us in making smart strategic benefit choices. They assist us in handling our renewals, looking for ways to streamline our processes, and they offered us a great COBRA management solution. We know we are in good hands!”

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