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Excelforce Advanced Scheduler tackles your complex scheduling needs. This fully-automated scheduling system lets you efficiently allocate resources, organize shifts, and keep labor costs under control. At last, a solution that simplifies your scheduling duties while maximizing workforce performance.

Manual scheduling is time-consuming, prone to errors, and limited in its reporting capabilities. Data is fragmented. Work shifts are difficult to predict. Scheduling gaps are a challenge to fill. Regulatory compliance is a chore to meet. This is particularly true for businesses with a large employee base, multiple locations, or 24-hour operations. Through its automated system, the Excelforce Advanced Scheduler eliminates the risks of manual scheduling.

Here at Excelforce, we specialize in serving evolving companies. Our scalable technology is designed to grow with you.

With the touch of a button, allocate the right people to each project as appropriate, based on skills, availability, and demand. Improve accuracy, visibility, and labor agility while boosting productivity and engagement. Keep tabs on overtime, reduce overstaffing, and rein in labor costs. Enhance regulatory compliance. Avoid penalties, fines, and breaches of contract. Experience the efficiency, flexibility, and simplicity of the Excelforce Advanced Scheduler.

Avoid Scheduling Errors

The Excelforce Advanced Scheduler follows your rulebook by automatically placing employees where they are needed. Employees are less likely to work overtime or become burnt out by irregular shifts.

Bolster Employee Engagement

The Advanced Scheduler delivers increased visibility into shifts and work responsibilities, resulting in a happier workforce. Promote effective scheduling as a critical metric for gauging employee satisfaction.

Want To Learn More?

Download The Scheduling Solution Guide.

Our Scheduling Solution Guide will describe how you can do the following with just the touch of a button: 

  • Allocate the right people to each project as appropriate.
  • Improve accuracy, visibility, and labor agility while boosting productivity.
  • Keep tabs on overtime, reduce overstaffing, and rein in labor costs.
  • And more!
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Gain complete control with the Excelforce Advanced Scheduler

The Advanced Scheduler is designed to meet the unique needs of your business, regardless of size. Features include “Availability” options specifically tailored for small, medium, and large enterprises with national and global operations. This offering is especially popular among our clients in the manufacturing, health and wellness, hospitality, insurance, and retail industries.


Employee satisfaction begins with empowerment and respect. Enabling your workers to pick up, schedule, and drop shifts without direct approval communicates your trust. Flexibility gives everyone on the job the freedom they need to maintain work-life balance. A streamlined platform helps managers avoid unmanned shifts and over-budgeting while adhering to staffing regulations.


Take control of your work shifts. Eradicate scheduling conflicts. Eliminate needless worry about getting the job done. Optimize your profitability. The Excelforce Advanced Scheduler can help you achieve these results and more. Contact us now to get started.

Managing HR & Your Business Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

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Why Clients Love Our Scheduling Solutions

“With Excelforce we know our customer support staff are connected to our benefit managers, and feel like they are familiar with our business issues. Plus they respond quickly to any issue. We know that when we have new benefit needs, Excelforce will not hold us back in reaching our goals.”


Clean-tex/SC & BP

“Paperless enrollment, automatic carrier reporting, open enrollment support, benefit plans that drive deductions into payroll - Excelforce helped us to simplify benefit management for our company. Managing multiple locations in different states made the benefit enrollment process long and painful, however now our Benefit Admin can pull any of the related information in two clicks.”


“When we were in need of a new benefit package, Excelforce offered the best solution for us. The full integration with Excelforce changed my life during a usually stressful time of year during open enrollment. Our employees were enrolled in no time and without any issues. I recommend them to anyone that is interested in reducing the stress and cost of benefit administration.”

Committed Home Care

“We love working with Excelforce as they guide us in making smart strategic benefit choices. They assist us in handling our renewals, looking for ways to streamline our processes, and they offered us a great COBRA management solution. We know we are in good hands!”

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