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New York State Resources for Employers

Excelforce is an all-in-one HCM (Human Capital Management) service provider based out of Chester, NY. We make it our priority helping businesses throughout New York stay compliant and have all the resources they need to ensure operations are ran smoothly.

Minimum Wage

New York minimum wage rates are currently different for 3 separate regions. These regions are New York City, Westchester County/Long Island, and the remainder of New York State. While New York City, Long Island, and Westchester have hit the $15 minimum wage rate, the remainder of New York State workers is currently at $13.20. This group will have an annual increase, which is yet to be determined, until the minimum wage reaches $15 per hour as well. To stay up to date with these changes, New York's Department of Labor has a webpage that allows you to view the current minimum wage, calculate wages, file complaints, and request other information and documents tied to wage. Another valuable resource is New York State's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding minimum wage. There, you can find answers to many questions surrounding minimum wage and the laws accompanied with it.


Links You Need:

New York State's Minimum Wage

- New York State's Minimum Wage FAQs

- New York State's Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers FAQs

- Our Minimum Wage Blog

New Hire Reporting

All New York State employers must report certain information for any new hire. This includes completely new hires and rehired employees. And starting 2022, employers are required to report independent contract arrangements with contracts over $2,500.  The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance lays out exactly how the process of new hire reporting goes. Information like name, address, SSN, hire date, employer name, employer address, EIN, and benefits are all required when reporting new hires. This reporting is typically due within 20 calendar days from the hiring date of the employee. To report this information, employers can submit the data either online or by mail. This is important to know, as failure to timely report employees or failure to include all required information can result in fines from the state.


Links You Need:

- New York State's New Hire Reporting Guide

- New York State's New Hire Reporting Guide FAQs

- New York New Hire Online Reporting Center (For online submissions)

- Form IT-2104 (For mail-in submissions)

New York State Unemployment

With the advent of COVID-19, unemployment has only gotten trickier for New York employers, specifically with the many different rules and regulations that are constantly being updated. This makes it especially important for NY employers to be in the loop for any new information as it comes out. The Department of Labor is your best source for any news regarding unemployment insurance. Shared Work is another program all NY employers should know about. This is an alternative to traditional layoffs for any struggling business, allowing employees to work reduced hours and collect a Shared Work benefit. 


Links You Need:

- Unemployment Insurance Information for Employers

- Unemployment Insurance Handbooks for Employers

- Registration for Unemployment Insurance

- Unemployment Insurance Forms and Publications

- Shared Work Program Application

- Shared Work FAQs for Employers

Tax Resources

In New York State, there are many different kinds of taxes that employers have to be informed about. The most common tax types include sales, withholding, corporation, and property taxes. While these can be complicated, the State of New York website contains great guidance for NY tax law and regulation. New York's Department of Taxation and Finance handles all business-related tax payments.


Links You Need:

- List of NY State Tax Types

- Sales and Use Tax Resources

- Withholding Tax Resources

- Corporation Tax Resources

- Other Taxes and Reporting Resources

- Guidance for Tax Law in New York State