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June 16, 2020 in HR, Employee Management

The 4 Toughest Challenges for HR Professionals

Finding the right people, workplace violence, HR technology, and state and local compliance are four of today’s biggest HR challenges. Let’s examine them one by one.

1. Finding the right people

In 2018, XpertHR surveyed over 800 HR professionals. Sixty-four percent of respondents said that the greatest obstacle for HR professionals going forward will be the search for quality job applicants. Also, a 2019 study by Deloitte identified “finding qualified experienced hires” as the biggest challenge in the talent acquisition process.

HR experts widely agree that with today’s low unemployment rate, it’s increasingly hard for employers to find people with the right competencies. To solve this issue, HR professionals must get creative and strategic about workforce planning. Finding the right recruitment tools for managers is hard, but Excelforce can make it easy. Excelforce can help you find, track, vet, and hire the best people - all in one platform. 

2. Workplace violence

Forty-five percent of respondents in the XpertHR survey said that dealing with workplace violence is very or extremely challenging.
One of the most common forms of workplace violence is assault, which includes:

  • Intentional shooting.
  • Stabbing, cutting, piercing and slashing.
  • Strangulation.
  • Hitting, shoving, kicking and beating.
  • Rape.
  • Sexual assault.
  • Bombing.
  • Arson.
  • Threats.
  • Verbal assaults.

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Per the National Safety Council, nonfatal work-related assault is on the rise. To combat assault and other types of workplace violence, HR professionals must have a process for identifying applicants and employees with a history of violence. Also important are implementing crisis management techniques and increasing employees’ awareness about workplace violence.

3. HR technology

Seventy-four percent of respondents in the Deloitte survey rated HR technology as important or very important. Further, the XpertHR study found that employers worried about:

  1. Cyberattacks (51%).
  2. Managing mobile devices (41%).
  3. Handling social media and technology usage in the workplace (39%).
  4. Protecting employee data (31%).

Employers should utilize HR technology capable of tackling not just these four concerns but also the day-to-day administrative challenges of HR. Excelforce offers HR solutions that are right for any company. 

4. State and local law compliance

State and local governments are progressively enacting their own labor regulations and medical marijuana laws. Per the Society for Human Resource Management, “Nearly two-thirds of the states, plus Washington D.C., have legalized medical marijuana.” Employers in these states should review their current drug policies and make the necessary adjustments.

State and local governments are also becoming more active in terms of paid sick leave, paid family leave, military leave, minimum wage and equal pay. Staying abreast of these regulations is a huge burden for employers. In fact, 47% of respondents in the XpertHR survey said that it’s difficult to track and comply with changing state leave laws; 46% feel the same way about local leave laws.

Sometimes, state and local employment laws conflict with federal law, further complicating HR compliance issues. When in doubt, HR professionals should seek legal counsel.

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