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February 12, 2019 in HR, Employee Management

Reduce Costs and Boost Your Business with Paperless HR Solutions

Anyone in HR management knows the amount of paperwork that goes into the job. Employee agreements, schedules, benefits—the list goes on. No matter whether the staffer in question is an intern or high on the management chain, they create a paper trail with every move they make.

So the question is, “What is the smartest way to tackle that challenge?” Perhaps it’s time to consider a paperless human resources solution. It will take your business to the next level and help you to achieve better clarity, organization, and efficiency.

Up until now, you and your HR department have likely invested considerable time in creating, recording, and filing physical records. These tasks can quickly overwhelm anyone and make additional responsibilities difficult to complete. If you are already considering automating your HR processes, however, you are riding the wave of the future. The trend is clear: data from more and more HR departments is making its way online and onto the cloud in a highly secure fashion.

Many Types of HR Documents Can Be DigitizedNew call-to-action

There are certain documents a human resources business professional must have on hand at all times on behalf of their company.  Here is a typical lineup:

  • Job applications and resumes
  • Employment offers and contracts
  • Tax forms
  • Signed acknowledgement of employee handbook receipts
  • All performance evaluations
  • All disciplinary records
  • Documents filed for an employee’s departure

Any and all of the items in the list above can be migrated online. A frantic search is reduced to several clicks of a button. An online HR system smartly organizes and stores important data.

The Hidden Costs of Manual Paperwork

Piles of paperwork keep you needlessly busy. That is just the beginning of the quantifiable impact of a paper-based HR system to your bottom line.

  • A typical employee spends 30-40 percent of his or her time looking for information locked in emails and filing cabinets.
  • An organization can spend 15 percent of its revenue creating, managing, and distributing paper documents.
  • One four-drawer file cabinet costs an estimated $25k to fill and $2k to maintain annually.
  • There is serious risk of legal noncompliance. These and other HR issues can derail your business.

Transitioning to Electronic Document Management:

How to Get Started

Moving to an automated human resources system does not require an all-or-nothing approach. One of the best ways to make the switch is to start small.

  1. Begin by selecting an appropriate, experienced HR automated solutions partner.
  2. Address any lingering security and integration issues by customizing your solution for your workplace and its specific needs.
  3. Analyze the tasks you complete on a daily basis and choose several critical tasks to migrate online.
  4. Organize available paperwork for scanning and begin filing content electronically. One handy tip is to switch over to digital signatures to reduce paperwork.

Reaping the Benefits

Now your team is well on its way to fully utilizing the new dynamic structure built specifically for your business and its HR department. The benefits include improved communication, connection, and data transfer across departments.

Filing will go faster, saving considerable money on time and labor. Documents will be safer and virtually impossible to lose. Talent recruitment and acquisition will improve as the recruitment and application process moves online. Applicants will become more engaged in the recruitment process, and as a result, job satisfaction and employee retention will rise across the board. Onboarding, selection of benefits, access to payroll, and scheduling options will all have better visibility and optimal access from anywhere at any time. Finally, newly available data analytics and reports will support these changes by demonstrating the advantages of the automated HR system.

The Paperless Human Resources Solution

Moving to an automated HR system can appear intimidating at first. The advantages, however, are clear and measurable.

Your business will save time and money. You will create new channels for gaining insights into your workforce. This is just as important as the insights you glean from your client base, if not more so.

The Excelforce team of experts has award-winning experience in HR automation and electronic document management. We can demonstrate the true cost savings in eliminating piles of paperwork year after year. An online HR system is easy to understand, as are the benefits of modernizing day-to-day processes currently bogging you down.

The fact is, there is no one-size-fits-all paperless HR solution. You need an advanced partner familiar with your industry and your unique expectations, so you get the solution that meets your company’s unique needs. As a business owner or HR manager, taking these crucial steps will take your enterprise to the next level and ensure healthy growth. Schedule a consultation call with one of our experts to see how you can transform your organization’s human resource needs.

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