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December 16, 2015 in HR, Employee Management, Recruitment

Talent Acquisition: Find the Best New Employees

You know the generation of Baby Boomers is huge, but are you aware that their legacy will be a shortage of qualified job applicants?

People born from 1946 to 1964 had only half the number of kids as their parents. The result is a crunch for young workers, particularly in big cities and among skilled workers such as nurses and teachers.

If your company is finding it difficult to locate qualified new employees, you may be limiting yourself. Don’t just look at young college grads. There’s a wealth of other potential staff members out there if you know where to look.

Step up your recruiting efforts among the following groups: 

  • Older Employees. McDonald’s, WalMart and Marriott have found retirees and older people to be reliable, skilled at dealing with others, and often available for part-time work. You can locate them through senior citizen’s clubs or publications geared to that age group.


  • Parents. Young mothers and fathers are often great candidates for part-time work or working from home. Mothers may be eager to jump back into the job market once the kids can take care of themselves.


  • The Handicapped. The physically handicapped often excel at jobs requiring intellectual skills. A visually impaired person can handle incoming customer service calls, a person in a wheelchair can type, and may have great computer programming skills, and the hearing-impaired often have top-notch manual or computational skills.

The Formula: Look around you. There are opportunities everywhere for finding people to fill entry-level jobs.