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October 22, 2020 in HR, Employee Management

How to Avoid Common HR Mistakes

Human resources may sound and look like a straightforward topic, but it’s not one that should be taken lightly. HR mistakes can cost you time and money, and your reputation. Here are four common HR mistakes to be aware of. Companies of all sizes, from global corporations to mom-and-pop outfits, are prone to these potentially critical HR mistakes, whether they have the best HR solutions in place or not.

Rushing Through the Hiring Process is an HR Mistake

When you have an immediate need for a new hire, such as a marketing associate or perhaps even an HR manager, it’s tempting to accelerate the hiring process and skip seemingly less important steps. This is the first big HR mistake that companies make. In doing so, you are putting yourself at risk of hiring the wrong person for the job (while missing the right, talented candidate). Avoid hiring traps when acquiring talent and resist the urge to rush a new hire, and that's one less HR mistake you need to worry about.

Not Keeping an Updated Employee Handbook is an HR Mistake

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The employee handbook may be something that your workers joke about and chuckle over. However, it’s an extremely important mechanism for establishing rules, guidelines, and parameters to eliminate the risk of making HR mistakes. Employee handbooks are also used for when things go wrong, and although HR incident reports are something no one wants to deal with, it's great to have the guidance in place to do it.

For many companies, having an employee handbook at all is a perennial “to do” and that’s unfortunate. Not only should you have an employee handbook, but you also should update it regularly as the landscape of your business and industry evolves. Many professional HR services include reviews and updates to your employee handbook as an add-on service or part of their onboarding process.  

A modern HR and payroll company can be a great way to avoid HR mistakes. 

Providing Inadequate Training is an HR Mistake

Similar to rushing the hiring process, it’s just as easy to fail to provide the necessary new hire training for employees to succeed within your company.  Always remember that retaining employees starts with great employee onboarding - this is especially true in small businesses where there is plenty to do, increased risk to make HR mistakes, and the expectation that new employees need to contribute from Day One.

Make a conscious effort to offer all new employees sufficient tools, resources, and support. Otherwise, you are setting up both the employees and your business to continue making HR mistakes.

Being Lax on Compliance Issues is an HR Mistake

Whether it’s violating wage standards, not paying your payroll taxes correctly, failing to document an employee termination, or something similar, you are making a huge HR mistake. HR is full of complex issues that you may know “a little” but not enough about, which can cause critical HR mistakes and fines. 

To avoid these types of HR mistakes, contact us today and see how we are already helping countless businesses avoid common HR mistakes that can drag down your bottom line. If you don’t have any HR staff, then check out how our HR services can help you get back to the important tasks for your business, while ensuring you never have to deal with HR mistakes again.

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